Specializing in Family- and Entrepreneur-Owned Businesses


What We Do

We provide financing solutions to capital-constrained, lower middle market companies.

We specialize in lending to stressed, complex or misunderstood businesses, often in out-of-favor industries. Since our investor base consists solely of leading family offices, we are particularly well-positioned to assist family- and entrepreneur-owned businesses. We also selectively invest in secondary credit opportunities.

A strong track record formed by more than 25 years of industry experience and a proven record of success.

We offer our borrowers a number of key benefits:

Deep expertise

Our senior team has 50+ years of private credit experience, completed 250+ transactions, and deployed $10+ billion of capital

Industry agnostic

We have prior experience in most sectors

Structural flexibility

We provide both cashflow loans and loans based on asset coverage

Transaction certainty

We invest from committed capital

Certainty of terms

We deliver what we agree to during the term sheet phase

Speed of execution

Our borrowers typically need us to move quickly, and we do so

Consistent senior personnel throughout loan life

No “hand-offs” to new departments or junior staff after closing

No credit ratings required